In the process of a year’s worth of research on hydrogen I have found some interesting things about how hydrogen can help those with serious eye disease. I have treated my eyes with a dilution of magnesium chloride in water (20 to 1) and sprayed hydrogen gas right onto my eye that was giving me some problems about 4 months ago.

Bill Johnston writes: “Yesterday I went to my eye doctor. I had told her about molecular hydrogen a few months ago and the relationship between oxidative stresses, the hydroxyl radical, and age – related macular degeneration and glaucoma, cataracts. Yesterday she compared pictures of my retina and was amazed. Not being knowledgeable about the eye, I did not understand the terms she used but I could see that the retina surface was smooth now without an uneven surface. One bump that was obvious had disappeared totally. She wants me to come back in another month as part of a study she wants to write about.”

Hydrogen promotes survival of retinal cells. The results of one study demonstrated that post conditioning with inhaled high-dose H2 appears to confer neuro-protection against retinal I/R injury via anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptosis pathways.[1] Hydrogen is a miracle when the only thing your eye doctor can suggest is anti-oxidants and you are going blind.

Visual acuity improved after 3-4 weeks of daily inhalation.

Ed Wonder writes: “As you age, your ability to see up-close diminishes because of lens hardening. However, I was at the point where I couldn’t focus because it was too close – and then when I moved it outward to get it into a focus-able range, it was too small. Catch-22 on the vision. Also, reading around a bottle was difficult because of the different planes of distance involved. That is gone, and I can read around bottles, at a comfortable distance, without the Catch-22 mentioned earlier. After 4 weeks of inhalation, my wife was able to get rid of her reading glasses completely, as well.”

“I did some testing with my vision. I am able to read everything. I haven’t been able to see at this level since I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I am 53 right now. This is amazing.The ONLY thing that I changed in my life is daily inhalation of the gas. The bubbled water did NOT do this, as I have been drinking that daily for six months – and only recently did things improve to this level. I’ve been doing 1/2 hour to 2+ hours daily.”

Hydrogen Medicine is a revolution sweeping across the world of medicine. The administration of hydrogen with oxygen delivers healing power unknown until now. Hydrogen has antioxidant properties and the capability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Many studies have confirmed that consumption of hydrogen gas and water helps patients with a diverse range of disorders including the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Hydrogen medicine can be administered with Hydrogen Inhalers, which can also make your hydrogen water at the same time. Or one can simply drop hydrogen tablets in a glass of water.

[1] Wang R, Wu J, Chen Z et al. Post conditioning with inhaled hydrogen promotes survival of retinal ganglion cells in a rat model of retinal ischemia/reperfusion injury. Brain Res. 2016 Feb 1;1632:82-90.