Healing with Hydrogen


Hydrogen protects us from Harm

Hydrogen helps protect us from the cellular damage caused by increasing radiation, chemical and heavy metal exposure. It will also offer some level of protection from the oxidative stress caused by cell phones, Wi-Fi and all the EMF pollution that is increasingly plaguing us. And it will protect us from the negative side effects of pharmaceutical medicines, chemotherapy and radiation doctors use to treat cancer.

Hydrogen belongs first on all Protocol Lists

Doctors and everyone else needs to understand that we flood the body with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide as a first course of action. Conditions will improve fast if hydrogen and oxygen are fed continuously. Emergency room doctors, ambulance paramedics and intensive care doctors will be the first to understand the real importance of hydrogen.

H2, O2, CO2

Combining molecular hydrogen gas with oxygen is the basic practice put forth in Hydrogen Medicine with the addition of increasing CO2/bicarbonate levels in the blood. The hydrogen gas cavalry is arriving just in time for many who are not keeping up with their health challenges and their medical costs. Those whose needs are the greatest will benefit most from hydrogen because it penetrates the mitochondria, DNA and to every extremity in the body. Accepted in Japan and China, the pure fuel that sends rockets into space has been found to be exceedingly useful in the world of medicine.

Hydrogen is Serious Medicine

Hydrogen is serious medicine and so is oxygen and carbon dioxide. All three gases are nutritional and are of enormous help to people with pain, disease and cancer. Hydrogen allows the body to function and breathe under stress. And it allows for quicker healing and recovery than when oxygen alone is used. Pure oxygen is highly toxic and that is why oxygen bottles have at least five percent carbon dioxide added. Oxygen is widely administered and often saves lives but it does not do the healing work that hydrogen does. The three primary gases can be applied in all dire medical situations.

Testimonial from a Brain Cancer Patient
“I continued with the protocol having added the hydrogen tablets and hydrogen inhalation and within a week all the nausea, vomiting, crab walking, neck stiffness, brain fog faded and better my memory started returning. I had better skin color and even the whites of my nails are returning. My body is feeling so much stronger. When I switched up my protocol to include the hydrogen I was like a fish. My daughter had to stick with me while I was in the bathroom and dry me, cloth me, and walk with me. I was bedridden. I just can’t believe the change in me with the hydrogen. I can now do things on my own when two weeks ago I felt like I was dying. I am walking in the neighbourhood, stationary cycling. I normally weight about 106 at 5 foot. So at the time of ER 84. Now back to 96.”

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This book will deal with H2, O2, CO2, H2O, O3 (Ozone) and even singlet oxygen, which is a temporary state of highly energized oxygen. Notice that carbon is included. For a fuller protocol all we have to do is add sulphur, magnesium, iodine, selenium, potassium, bicarbonates and sodium. Then we have the main ingredients necessary for life or to save lives in intensive care wards and emergency centers. Hydrogen is the perfect anti-aging medicine, which will eventually find itself everywhere and the women will go crazy over it when they find out what it will do to their skin.

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Intensive Cancer Treatment

Hydrogen driven protocols provide us with an entirely new concept in intensive cancer treatment. When doctors give up on us, and cancer moves quickly to take our life, we have to move fast and stop the cancer in its tracks. Cancer, like a fire, is trying to spread. We need to bring in enough equipment and enough water to stop deadly fires and we need to do the same thing with cancer.

Helping you get started

Our intention is to help you get started with hydrogen medicine.  The three primary gases combine to offer a command over life and even over death, for apply these gases in an intelligent way to a dying patient and life begins anew. Meaning for some, learning hydrogen medicine can mean the difference between life and death so please feel free to write us and we will do our best to orient you in the right direction.

We have a consumers site that reviews hydrogen inhalers from five different companies to give you an idea what is available. Dr. Sircus’s Hydrogen Medicine book will get you up to speed and he does consultations on the proper administration of hydrogen gas and water as well as a full protocol to support a return to health.

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